Expanding the Boundaries of Authorship

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Expanding the Boundaries of Authorship (2012-2017) was a group which supported new media scholarship at Harvard University. Members of the group offered support for faculty hoping to increase the use of media in the classroom, and for students seeking to enhance their media authorship skills. Expanding the Boundaries merged with the Digital Futures Consortium in early 2017 because an overlap in membership and similar missions focused on promoting and improving digital scholarship across Harvard’s campus. The Expanding the Boundaries of Authorship website (now archived) was available at https://beta.blogs.harvard.edu/mediascholarship; a copy of the site as of October 2018 can be accessed via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine here.

Expanding the Boundaries of Authorship goals were to:

  • Build a collaborative community engaged in integrating media into digital scholarship.
  • Identify best practices and provide access to resources for authoring with media.
  • Facilitate discussions on the pedagogy of multimedia assignments through seminars and workshops.
  • Explore possibilities for the visual representation of data through visualization/modeling software tools and uses in student assignments and projects.

Expanding the Boundaries of Authorship events included:

Planning & Management Team

Paul Worster, Multimodal Learning Librarian
Enrique Diaz, Designer/Multimedia Specialist
Kevin Guiney, Senior Multimedia and Instructional Technologist
Jess Kloss, Multimedia Specialist
Christopher Morse, Senior Humanities Research Computing Specialist
Lynn Sayers, Administration and Events Coordinator

Previous Members:
Ramona Islam, Curricular Design and Research Librarian
Pam Matz, Research Librarian
Liza Vick, Music and Research Services Librarian


Annie Rota, Director, HUIT Academic Technology for FAS
Marty Schreiner, Head of Maps, Media, Data and Government Information

Digital Futures Consortium

  • Digital Futures Consortium

A GitHub Pages port of https://www.digitalfuturesconsortium.org/